Interaction Discovery Interviews

Interview purpose


As part of the Interaction Discovery project we will be running semi-structured interviews to gather data on current practice. If you work in User Research, are a UX practitioner, or work in digital-product design we would like to ask some questions about how you achieve a shared understanding of the problem, what you do to anticipate issues, and what you do with any potential issues you spot.

A clipboard with some questions written on it

Discovery and Anticipation May 2020

What's involved

Interviews of 20 - 30 minutes duration will be conducted using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype as participants prefer. An audio recording will be taken, transcribed and anonymised before analysis. The information gathered will be used to understand what kinds of things practitioners are currently doing or aspire to do, so will be analysed as part of a larger set of interviews to determine common themes.

Topics covered

We would like to interview practitioners from the United Kingdom, to understand what current User Research and UX design practice is in some key areas of the discovery process. The questions we have cover five main areas:

  1. Mobilisation

    How does your team decide what the next piece of work is

    • do you respond to a request from elsewhere?
    • do you actively set goals of your own?
    • do you specialise in one thing, that you attract new customers for?
  2. Engagement

    How do you gather information about the problem

    • What user research techniques do you use?
    • Who do you involve?
    • What do you do with the data?
  3. Imagination and Alignment

    How do you share your understanding of the research data

    • How do you challenge stories?
    • How much do you try to anticipate usability problems?
    • If you spot a potential issue, what do you do?
  4. Iteration

    How much discovery is enough

    • What limits the time spent?
    • Do you have structured questions / hypotheses?
    • How do you judge the risk of stopping?
  5. Choices

    How do you make your early design choices

    • How aware are you that you are making a choice?
    • How do you capture the decisions you make?
    • Who contributes to those decisions?

These are intended to be semi-structured interviews, so the topics discussed will be based on these five points but will respond to the conversation as it progresses.

How do I participate

Contact us using the project email or contact Kevin via social media.

What's it for

These interviews are part of a project by a research student in the School of Physical Sciences and Computing at the University of Central Lancashire. The project overview describes the research questions in more detail.